Vagant Viper


Vagants were the Medieval musicians. Wandering from town to town, in villages and wilderness, their songs entwined magical stories like the pattern on viper’s back. The viper patterned Vagant hat has also been selected as top 10 summer hats by Vogue, Paris.

– Colour: Viper
– Material: Straw
– Unlined
– Leather band on the outside
– Leather sweatband on the inside

While not wearing, store the hat in a cool, dry place. Fill the inside of the hat with paper or cloth and hang it somewhere where it could float in the air. Avoid dirty or greasy hands coming into contact with the hat. To dust the hat, use a soft brush with light-coloured bristles. To remove any stains, use a damp cloth or a small-pored sponge, applying only light pressure in a clockwise direction. Avoid moisture and water exposure.