Sphere Black Velour


“Increasing knowledge lessens the sphere of the supernatural.”
Round crown wide brim hat is crafted in the forest of Estland of sustainably collected German coney wool capeline felt and lined with raw chameleon silk. The hat has a high round crown and wide flat brim.

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    – Colour: Off White Velour
    – Material: Ethically sourced rabbit wool
    – Lining: 100% raw chameleon silk
    – Leather band on the outside
    – Leather sweatband on the inside

    NB! Please note that the colour of the inner lining may vary according to the designer’s vision

    Store in a cool, dry place. Fill the inside of the hat with paper or cloth and hang it somewhere where it could float in the air. Avoid dirty or greasy hands coming into contact with the hat. To dust the hat, use a soft brush with dark bristles for dark-coloured hats and light-coloured bristles for light-coloured hats. To remove any stains, use a damp cloth or a small-pored sponge, applying only light pressure in a clockwise direction.

    All of our felt hats are semi water resistant but not fully waterproof. Wearing the hat in the rain is okay but we do not recommended getting the hats soaked.